About Us

About Us:
We have over 10 years of knowledge and expertise in managing properties in and around the Boston and the New England Region. We strive to exceed all expectations. Our foundation is built on developing positive and supportive relationships with our property owners and tenants, which has allowed us to have lasting business relationships. We believe communication is essential when it comes to managing your property, providing a high-quality rental unit and tenant experience. We lookout for the best interests of our owners and tenants. Ortiz Support Group, Inc. understands the complex issues of managing a successful investment property. We will support and guide owners and tenants, helping them understand changing laws and regulations. We are fully-integrated in the latest software technology and follow all US laws. We are the Place to Be to find BOTH quality residential rentals and to find a property manager that is an expert in locating and screening the best residents. We are also experts in maintaining your quality home, duplex, condominium, and apartment building, retail, and office space.

Contact us today at (617) 935-0246.

Our Mission:
To bring a positive, successful experience to our clients and tenants by providing professional proactive management services. To excel in preserving, maintaining and enhancing the value of our clients’ real estate investments.

Our Purpose:
Our foundation is based on honesty, integrity, personal commitment, genuine concern and we value building relationships of trust with those we serve. We use our experience, skills and technology to create a successful outcome.